Saturday, April 4, 2015


Today Friday, April 3rd, was the last day of service in New Orleans. As the two students leaders scheduled for us, we didn’t work with United Saints today. We volunteered at a Veggie Farm owned by Vietnamese American community in New Orleans. Before, we started working at the farm, Daniel who is the farm manager told us that they supply veggies to couple of local supermarkets, small grocery store, and restaurants in this city (New Orleans). He talked about that during Hurricane Katerina there was veggie shortage because only two supermarkets (Winn-dixie and Walmart) were open in the city.  Then, we started our service for the day. Some of us (included myself) were transplanting a different kind of egg plants (Japanese eggplant and Italian eggplant). It was my first time I’ve ever done it and it was a great experience for me. We gave each plan enough space to grow and put mulch around them and pull any weeds that’s around it. The second group, had a fun job. They let ducks get out of their house and watch, but it didn’t work well for them. The idea was to herd the ducks into the slug-infest area and they would start chomping. Unfortunately, one of the students (Chris) came back to me and told me “they (ducks) are stubborn idiots. They kept trying to get through the fence back to their house”. I’m not an expert about the life of ducks, it seemed to me that it was same environment both inside and outside of their house. Therefore, there was no need to be outside. Other group, were seeding by taking out the extra stuff on it. It was a great service to end our long week for serving this community.

After the service and before the dinner we had an hour and half to walk around and do some shopping on Magazine Street. Some of us bought something while other was just busy for exploration in the area. We came back home around 6:30pm and got ready for our final night celebration dinner out to French Quarter area. 

-Nur Mood

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