Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday's Service

Our catalyst group began our service day lifting
sheetrock into a disposal destination.  It
was an energizing feeling to have so much eagerness and synergy disposing the heavy
sheetrock together. We were able to complete the task and continued to our main
service site for the day at the Williams family’s home.  From some rare difficulties of the day, the service
schedule at the William family’s home was thrown off yet folks still kept a
positive attitude. 

Eventually starting at this site, Rachel, our site
supervisor split us into groups such as painting or power washing the Williams
family’s home.  I was personally split
into the group who painted the interior of the home.  It was wonderful feeling balancing ourselves
on ladders as we brushed paint in the very corners that brought rounds of sweat
down our faces.  After hours of our group
layering the Williams’ home with fresh paint, Rachel gathered us to clean and put
tools back to a van.  Returning to United
Saints, we concluded our service for day by putting painting equipment back
into a tool shed.

During the entire morning and afternoon, we were met
with the Sun’s bright and warm grin along with the Williams family’s smiles.  The Williams family greatly appreciated our
efforts!  It was definitely a great
experience helping in whatever way we could!

-Wuang J

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